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  • Session Name: Please enter your preassigned session name, with the letter z added to the end. For example, the session name xcah26 would become xcah26z. In this manner, we will create a new session name so that you can continue to run economics experiments (auctions, bargaining, games, etc.) with the old one. Nor will setting up a quiz interfere in any way with an ongoing questionnaire. The newly created quiz session name (ending in the letter z) will be required when you later use the Test Bank (TB) View program (on the Admin menu) to view the results of the quiz as they come in. You will also have to tell those taking the quiz to use this new Session Name on their login screens.

  • Password: This should consist of 4 letters or numbers (no symbols). Please Note: This password will be required any time you use the new quiz session name to view results, set up a new quiz, etc. So please choose something that is very easy for you to remember, and write it down. Thanks.

  • Re-use of the Quiz Session Name: If you have already used the session name ending in z to administer a quiz, then you must use the same password that was used previously. You will have the option of writing new questions or revising old ones, but all quiz response data will be erased when you re-use the session name ending in z. The previous-password requirement prevents unauthorized use of your session name that would erase data. Additional protection is provided by the fact that the "z" passwords cannot be used to run other experiments or questionnaires.

  • Modification of Questions and Expanding a Test Bank: If you have already used the session name ending in z to administer a quiz, then the response data will be erased if you continue, but the existing bank of test questions will remain intact as long as you use the "revise existing test bank" option on the page that follows. This revise option lets you decide which questions in the test bank to use in your next quiz, and it lets you add questions. If you only wish to correct minor aspects of the questions for an ongoing quiz without losing any of the response data already collected, you should use the Test Bank View program: http://veconlab.econ.virginia.edu/tb/tb_view.htm

    Vecon Lab - June 3, 2020