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Auctions Takeover Game, Common Value and Private Value Auctions, Multi-Round Auctions with Package Bidding, Emissions Permits
Bargaining Ultimatum, Principal/Agent, Reciprocity, and Trust Games
Decisions Bayes' Rule, Lottery Choice, Investment Game, Value Elicitation, Probability Matching, Search
Finance/Macro Asset Market, Macro Markets, Prediction Markets, Gains from Trade, Bank Runs
Games Attacker/Defender, Centipede, Choice of Partners, Coordination, Guessing, Matrix Games, Traveler's Dilemma, Two-Stage Extensive Form Game
Information Information Cascades, Lemons Market, Signaling/Poker Game, Statistical Discrimination
Markets Bertrand, Call Market, Monopoly/Free Trade, Cournot, Double Auction, Posted Offer, Supply Chain, Vertical Monopoly
Public Common Pool Resource, Congestion/Entry, Public Goods, Rent Seeking, Volunteer's Dilemma, Voting, Water Externalities
Experimenting with Economics Suggested Sequence of Topics for an Economics Course with a Behavioral Focus: Trust, Trade, Production, Margainal Cost, Sunk Cost, Supply and Demand, Monopoly, Public Goods, Externalities, Rent Seeking, Risk, Games, Auctions, Bank Runs, Asset Markets, and Macro Markets
Macro Principles Input Demand and Real Wages, Input Supply, Circular Flow, Gains from Trade, Inflation, Assets and Present Value
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