Vecon Lab Micro Principles

Trade Chapter 1: Specialization and Gains from Trade (PPF)
(No-trade followed by trade and communications: students learn to specialize.)
Demand Chapter 2: Marginal Analysis, Demand, Tax Effects, Step Function Graphs
(Simple enough for pre-class homework, with relative payoff feedback.)
Call Market (Under construction) Chapter 3: Supply and Demand, Efficiency, Floor/Ceiling, Taxes, Shifts
(Default setup with approximately linear S and D facilitates efficiency discussions.)
Opportunity Cost Chapter 4: Supply Decisions with Emissions Allowance Application
(Option to show relative earnings helps students recognize opportunity cost.)
Cost Curves Chapter 5: Fixed, Sunk, Marginal, and Average Costs
Monopoly and Competition Chapter 6: Local Monopoly Versus Free Trade
(New!, with default parameters for $2 MR increments)
Public Goods Chapter 7: Voluntary Contributions and Free-Riding
Externalities Chapter 8: Tragedy of the Commons, Congestion, Social Cost
Rent Seeking Chapter 9: Lobbying and the Inefficiency of Non-Market Allocations
Three Games Chapter 10: Game Theory: Prisoners' Dilemma, Coordination, Battle of Sexes
(Major social dilemma and coordination paradigms, and randomized strategies)
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Vecon Lab - November 28, 2021