Vecon Lab Games

Basic Attacker/Defender Game Two Person/Binary Decision Game of Strategy
Multi-Site Attacker/Defender Game Defaults Implement a Simple Profiling Game
Centipede Alternating Two-person "Pass or Take" Game
Coordination Minimum-Effort Game, with Incentive Pay Options
Guessing Game With Incentive to Guess Others' Decisions
2x2 Matrix Game Prisoner's Dilemma, Battle of Sexes, etc.
Choice of Partners Game (New!) Social Dilemmas with Options to Break or Intensify Binary Links
Asymmetric Matrix Game "Large" Setup, e.g. Coordination with 7 Effort Choices
Symmetric Matrix Game NxN Matrix Game with Symmetric Payoffs
Security Coordination Game Coordination of Security Investment Decisions
Traveler's Dilemma Social Dilemma with No Dominant Strategy
2-Stage Game Generic Two-Stage Extensive-Form Game
View Results View Results of Any Prior Setup

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Vecon Lab - July 24, 2024