Vecon Lab Individual Decision Problems

Bayes' Rule Probability Elicitation Procedures (QSR, BDM, Choice Menu)
Belief Elicitation Eliciting Event Probabilities: Quadratic Scoring Rule, Choice Menu, BDM (under construction)
Value Elicitation NEW! Choice Menus for Eliciting Values (Certainty and Probability Equivalents, Values for Physical Objects, Present and Future Values)
Ink Bomb (not ready) Box Search Task for Evaluating Risk Attitudes
Investment Game Portfolio Allocation for Evaluating Risk Attitudes
Lottery Choice Menu Structured Menu Procedure for Evaluating Risk Aversion
Pairwise Lottery Choice Sequence of Lottery Choices (e.g. Allais paradox, reflection)
Probability Matching Binary Prediction Task
Sequential Search Costly Search from a Random Distribution
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Vecon Lab - July 6, 2020