Vecon Lab Markets

Bertrand Price Choice Markets With Homogeneous or Differentiated Products
Call Market Competition Shift D and S, Impose Taxes, Ceilings, etc. on the Fly, Scaled Linearized Defaults
Monopoly/Free Trade (New! Feedback Welcome) Local Monopoly Versus Cross-Market Competition
Cournot Quantity Choice Oligopoly Game, with Monopoly Option
Double Auction Continuous Trading with Buyers and Sellers, you can impose treatment changes (collusion, taxes, shifts, etc.) on the fly.
Posted Offer Allows Collusion, with a shopping order that is sequential or simultaneous (for large classes)
Supply Chain "Newsvendor" Inventory Problem with Random Demand
Vertical Monopoly With Vertical Integration and Franchise Fee Options
View Results View Results of Prior Setup for Any Market

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Vecon Lab - July 24, 2024