Vecon Lab Auctions

Takeover Game Asymmetric Information and the "Buyer's Curse" (with role reversals)
Common-Value Auctions Private Information and the "Winner's Curse" (single unit)
Emissions Permits Uniform Price, Discriminatory, Clock, Dutch, etc.
Private Value Auctions First-Price, Second-Price, All-Pay, etc. (single unit)
Multi-Unit Auctions Common/Private Values: Discriminatory, Uniform, Clock New!
Reserve Price Active Sellers Select Reserve Prices for Each Auction
Reference Price Auctions Simultaneous Auctions for Purchasing Items with Differing Intrinsic Values
Spectrum Auction Simultaneous Multi-Round (SMR) Auction, Hierarchical Package Bidding (HPB) New!
Water Auction Based on a Field Auction for Irrigation Reduction Agreements
View Results View Results of Prior Setup for Any Auction

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Vecon Lab - August 25, 2019